Solyun Just Entered the Real World

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risk: low

decentralised economy

A banking platform that enables developer solutions

In an effective and unique way you can sell your products on the decentralized network receiving and paying your bills directly

  • Modular structure enabling easy implementation for different products
  • Advanced payment and processing technologies, fine-tuned from more than 3 years of development testing
  • Unified AppStore for retail cryptocurrency solutions with a Solyun products audience

About Startup Solyun

Integrated system The best and fastest in sales.

The payment system is one of the most complete in the world where the seller selects the product where he can have the product information in the application already registered or insert a new one, and highlights the value in USD, RUBBER, EURO, he will choose the currency, thus generating a unique Qr code, where the buyer reads this code also with the SOLYUN app and chooses to pay by entering his 6-digit password.

  • Buy quickly and effectively
  • Register products and sell quickly
  • Pay any account or vendor through the app


System for buyers and sellers of products

General ecosystem


Growth of value

The valuation is given by the use and quantity of users adept the currency and the Solyun system Solyun starts its Pre sale with market value at $ 5.33, appreciation is given by the number of registered users on the site

Exchange for other crypto currency

Creation of the system of exchanges in the site among users in general so also we allow arbitration, making the system assure and without market manipulation for Pump and dump. We will initially add 5 to 12 coins for users to trade with:*Bitcoin (BTC) - BitcoinCash (BCH) - Ethereun (ETH) - Ethereun Classic (ETC) -  Litecoin (LTC) -  Dash (DASH) - Ripple (XRP) - Nano (XRB) - USD - RUBLE - EURO

Protection against fraud

We guarantee that all systems are anti fraud and against scammer, so much so that we are Scam Trademarks, we will never put coins fausas or Pishing for users to exchange, only viable and original coins and following an infinite line.

Transfer to P2P

user can put the sale a certain amount of BTC as a private sale, he can even stipulate the price outside the exchange system. can choose virtual currencies or Money, he will receive offers for sale


The money is yours and you owe no satisfaction to anyone, that's why we value 100% anonymity


Huge and Diverse Market

P2P Merchants

+3 Millions

Local and worldwide merchants

+1 Billion

Buyers and end users

+60 Billion

our way

Road Map

October 17/2017
January 07/2019 website development and system testing
December 23/2020
Creation and development of the Solyun platform
April 30/2021
Start of active participation of partners to Startup Solyun Devs through Crowdfunding
JUNE 10/2021
End of Pre-sale of Round 1, Start of Round 2 of 4. Bonus starts with 350%
JUNE 30/2021
Beginning of Round 3 Pre Sale Bonus of 150%
JULY 03/2021
Added Solyun (SOL) in Bololex Exchanges
august 20/2021
Added Solyun (SOL) in Exchanges
Development of the App and integration with the site, implementation of P2P exchanges
December 10/2021
Preparation for 2022 web summit in Europe.
January 20/2022
1. Exchange system development for users and merchants
January 30/2022
Solyun trading systems released with other currencies for exchange and APP released on Google Play
november 30/2022
Launch of the platform
February 20/2023
Integration with OnLine payment systems for users and merchants
may 20/2023
Opening and opening of Offices for management and support to users and merchants

Mobile app

Solyun App for ICO Platform

The perfect development to leverage your business and sales in one place, ""APP In Development""

awesome services

How it Works


Involvement of third-party Vendedores into Solyun ecosystem and expansion r suas vendas product line will lead to growth in users.


No identification required for P2P sales locally

Make payments

Payments take place with Solyun Token on the Platform

Buy or sell orders

Real-time purchase and sales tracking

Our data

Token Distribution

  • Name: SOLYUN - AltHash HRC20
  • Purchase methods accepted: BTC?ETH/BNB
Hard cap 500000.USD
Soft cap 200000 USD
Cost of 533.33 SOLYUN Token 0.003 ETH
  • General release: 800000000000.0
  • Exchnage Rate : 533.33 SOL = 0.003 ETH
  • Presale Collaborative membership: 0.02 ETH/BNB - MIN / 1.0 BTC MAX
  • Pre sale Round 1/4: BONUS + 350%
  • Min Buy /Max Personal Cap: 0.02 ETH/BNB / 1 ETH/BNB limit
  • Start Date: 20 April 2021
  • End Date: 30 July 2021
  • ROUND 1 PRE SALE: 30 April / 30 Jul
  • CONTRACT ADDRESS HRC20: 06fcc71b6b531fdf906f42fa5f9798f581a341f3
  • Explorer Confere!
Buy Tokens
  • 2% AirDrop
  • 13% Reserved Funding
  • 7% Founders and Team
  • 18% Partners and collaborators
  • 5% Distribute FREE to Community
  • 38% Buyers and sellers
  • 12% Advertising and Marketing
  • 2% Intended to donate the help of people and children with cancer


Frequency Asked Questions

  • Can citizens take part in the crowdsale?

    Yes. Anyone can participate in the pre-sale through the links on this page. or you can become a partner or collaborator of Startup, as a reward we offer bonuses to participants

  • Does the crowdsale comply with legal regulations?

    Yes, within the normality of any country, the guarantees are from a company already registered since 2012. With the whitepaper backing and the business contracts

  • Can I trade SOLYUN at an exchange?

    Yes, you will be able to exchange your tokens for partner Units which are: P2PB2B, exchange. as of July 30th, exchanges for digital commodities or USD, EURO AND RUBRO will be open on exchanges

  • Why buy Tokens?

    Future investment guarantees with a company already established since 2021 in Delaware USA, we are no longer on paper, since the idea was created, we are already at the mark of half of the startup project Solyun Devs

  • Why is the economic model of Cryptocurrency sustainable?

    Aimed at merchants and end users using the blockchain system, The end of paper money we know of is sooner than ever. We have created a direct ecommerce system as a virtual wallet in addition to virtual money through tokens, when carrying out an online transaction. line like ted, for example, you do not send money over the network but a code called HASH, with all the information of who sent the amount and the receiver. This is how Solyun Devs works. with integrated sales system and BlochkChain technology using the same process of sending Hash, faster, but more secure, and in addition to the wallet is a system for buying and selling goods, products, services or exchanging international currencies.

  • For becoming a participating partner, what is the advantage??

    You enter an exclusive channel on discord and telegram for debates and strategies, direct exchange of information with the team, you will know first before everyone else. Get a monthly STAKE bonus and a monthly comparison chart of startup growth

Our brain

Awesome Team

Anderson Silva
-Businessman - PHP Developer, Java Developer-
Guilherme Borges
-Journalist Bussiness / Social Media Specialist-
Ashish Shinde
-Project Manager-
Akash Vidhate
-As a Business Developer-
Sagar Suryawanshi
-Programmer and Team Lead-
Sandra Roberta
-Financial Administrator-
Eliton da Silva Pinto
-Idealizer of the Bank Descentralized-
-Sales Support-
Vacancy for Support En 2
Customer support
Vacancy for Support Ru 1
Customer support
Vacancy for Support Ru 2
Customer support


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Our friends

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