Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask some of your main questions before contacting our online support.

  • Can citizens take part in the crowdsale?

    Yes. Anyone can participate in the pre-sale through the links on this page. or you can become a partner or collaborator of Startup, as a reward we offer bonuses to participants.

  • Does the crowdsale comply with legal regulations?

    Yes, within the normality of any country, the guarantees are from a company already registered since 2012. With the whitepaper backing and the business contracts.

  • Can I trade SOLYUN at an exchange?

    Yes, you will be able to exchange your tokens for partner Units which are: P2PB2B, exchange. as of July 30th, exchanges for digital commodities or USD, EURO AND RUBRO will be open on exchanges.

  • Why buy Tokens?

    Future investment guarantees with a company already established since 2021 in Delaware USA, we are no longer on paper, since the idea was created, we are already at the mark of half of the startup project.

  • Why is the economic model of Cryptocurrency sustainable?

    Aimed at merchants and end users using the blockchain system, The end of paper money we know of is sooner than ever. We have created a direct ecommerce system as a virtual wallet in addition to virtual money through tokens, when carrying out an online transaction. line like ted, for example, you do not send money over the network but a code called HASH, with all the information of who sent the amount and the receiver. This is how Solyun Devs works. with integrated sales system and BlochkChain technology using the same process of sending Hash, faster, but more secure, and in addition to the wallet is a system for buying and selling goods, products, services or exchanging international currencies.

  • For becoming a participating partner, what is the advantage??

    You enter an exclusive channel on discord and telegram for debates and strategies, direct exchange of information with the team, you will know first before everyone else. Get a monthly STAKE bonus and a monthly comparison chart of startup growth.

  • Why Choose Our Services In Your Business?

    We are, besides the best, the first to make an ICO real and take a 100% digital World Multicurrency Bank from paper.