Easy, fee-basic banking for users and entrepreneurs

Get the financial tools and insights to start, build, and grow your business.

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Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and sole traders

With our unique System, you can sell your Products or services and receive directly in your Digital Wallet with no hidden costs or fees.

  • Free plan available
  • Full data privacy compliance
  • 100% transparent costs
  • Commitment-free
  • Real-time spending overview
  • Debit Mastercard included

Small- to medium-sized businesses

You'll have access to exclusive Benefits at Basic rates and be able to purchase financing to grow your business and prosper even more

  • Easy transfers
  • Deposit checks instantly
  • A powerful open API
  • Coverage around the world
  • Business without borders
  • Affiliates and partnerships

Large or enterprise level businesses

Big perks for the big ones! Get to know our solution for Big Businesses

  • Corporate Cards
  • International Payments
  • Automated accounting
  • Request Features
  • Premium Support
  • Direct Debit

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Compare Our Resources with Physical Banks and Other Digital Banks.

Packages Traditional Banks Other Banks Solyun
Control payout timing
Transparent payouts
Automate evidence submission
Collaboration notes
Deposit tagging
Technical support over IRC
24×7 support

Our Features

See here Our Differentials and with total transparency.

Incredible infrastructure

We are in the initial phase of opening our main base in Brazil in the city of Porto Alegre.

Email notifications

You will always receive email notifications about changes or changes to your accounts, before definitively confirming.

Simple dashboard

Easy to use and interactive system with small icons, bring comfort in use and error-free handling.

Information retrieval

Do you want to recover password or review your data, With a simple touch and confirmation from the Solyun team this will be possible quickly.

Drag and drop functionality

You can interact with the menus to facilitate faster access and the most used buttons in your daily life.

Deadline reminders

Activate reminders for Payments, Accounts Payable, Sending or Receiving Money or Digital Assets.

Reliable and easy-to-use payment system and menu

Using Blockchain technology, the payments menu will be used for general use, both to send or receive payments, being able to activate reminders of receipts or balances sending.

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